Larouche Karaté, a pillar in martial arts for the last 40 years In Gatineau, Outaouais

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C'est notre 5ième édition de notre camp de jour spécialisé en karaté et en CrossTraining!!! 

Nous sommes à notre 5e année maintenant en tant que Camp de Jour estival et nous voulons vous offrir l'opportunité d'envoyer votre enfant venir bouger avec nous en karaté, en CrossTraining et en activités diverses élaborées par notre équipe d'animation!
Il faut remplir une fiche d'inscription par enfant afin de réserver sa place pour la semaine. Vous serez contactés par courriel ou par téléphone afin de finaliser l'inscription à distance de votre enfant. Les modes de paiement sans contact seront privilégiés (virement interac, carte de crédit).
Larouche Karaté &  CrossTraining
867 boul. Saint-René Ouest
Du lundi 6 mars au vendredi 10 mars 2023
Du lundi au vendredi de 7h à 17h.
Le prix est de 225$ par semaine taxes comprises (cela comprend la sortie également)
***Le prix pour un deuxième enfant et + est de 200$ pour la semaine (25$ de rabais)***
Costume de karaté débutant offert à 25% (une valeur initiale de 90$ taxes en sus.)
1. Payer la semaine au complet;
Au plaisir de vous accueillir lors de notre camp de jour de la relâche 2023!!!

Karate classes for children, teens and adults in Gatineau, Outaouais

Since 1979, Larouche Karaté has been offering personalized karate classes designed for children, teens and adults in Gatineau. Thanks to a very structured program, the members will benefit from a very gratifying workout which allows them to improve their physical condition, while adding to their self-esteem. The classes are created in such a way that you will be able to train individually or with your family, in a professional, cordial and stimulating environment. 

Our main focus is to make sure you surpass yourself, while implementing one of our most important values, respect. We are proud to be able to share our knowledge in a family oriented and professional environment that will enable you to enjoy your workout sessions.

Led by our high quality instructors, the students will develop self-defence techniques that will also teach them how to carry themselves in an ethical and high manner. In fact, Karate helps with the strengthening of cardio-vascular capacity, it increases the ability to focus and has a positive impact on self-control as well. On top of that, it also pushes the students to develop a better sense of patience and more determination.  

Every program offers a safe approach that is adapted to the needs of every individual, whatever stage they find themselves in. The sessions are structured to ensure a safe environment while allowing the students to still have fun. 

Moreover, our way of teaching inspires our karatekas to stay in shape and it eventually has a positive influence on their moral and physical abilities. It’s a non-expensive activity that allows the students to learn about self-defence class and personal growth at the same time. 

We have several programs available at a good price. We are glad to be able to share our passion for martial arts and to push our students to overcome their limits. Come take advantage of our affordable classes taught by a dynamic and professional team. 

Opened since 1979, Larouche Karaté’s dojo has been a pillar in martial arts in the Outaouais region for the last 40 years

- The dojo is a member of the following associations: Shitoryu Karaté Québec - Shitoryu Karaté Canada - Karaté Québec - Karaté Canada - WKF - WSKF;

- Shihan Claude Larouche is a 7th Dan WSK, member and founder of the dojo and was enthroned member of the “Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame” in 2017. He is also the director of the Shitoryu Karate Quebec technique

- Sensei Rock Guindon is a 4th Dan WSKF, former athlete, an elite member of the national and provincial teams, runner up for the world WSKF 2013 in Japan. He is also a Crossfit Level1 trainer, director of the Larouche Karaté & CrossTraining technic

Enjoy a quality personalized karate program in Gatineau

Our team has been known for years in Gatineau, Outaouais for offering affordable karate lessons. We are proud to share the benefits of Karate to improve the health and well-being of our students.

Our mission is to offer personalized programs to individuals of all ages and levels. Getting back in shape has never been so simple!

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What are the benefits of karate?

It improves the general physical condition, develops flexibility and coordination, increases muscle toning and cardio-vascular capacity. It also increases the ability to focus and produces more self-esteem and better stress management abailities.

Is it pricey?

It’s an affordable activity that allows personal or family sessions in a professional and kind environment.

What is karate?

Karate is a Japanese martial art that helps with the development of certain physical abilities in an energized atmosphere, using mostly hands and legs. This sport allows you to learn different self-defence techniques and will also allow you to flourish physically and personally. On top of improving your cardiovascular endurance, karate increases flexibility and the ability to coordinate movements while strengthening and toning your muscles. It also helps with the perfecting of techniques and movements, to stay in shape, while increasing discipline and respect.

Whether you practice to manage stress or practice a physical activity that you can actually enjoy, at an affordable price, [info type="company_name"] is the place for you!

If you are in Gatineau, Outaouais, join our Karate classes with your family under the direction of our qualified instructors. Our classes are always performed and in a safe and well-monitored environment which makes Larouche Karate’s dojo a great place to learn, in the appropriate atmosphere. 

Our goal is to share the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years to help our students develop their technical abilities, all this while shining light on the philosophy of martial arts. 

We offer personalized lessons for everybody, no matter the age or the level. Our program is unique and will allow your child or yourself, to develop essential techniques, and all this for a good price. We are very keen on developing healthy habits and physical activity, which will also help increase self esteem, and for that, our experienced sensei avail themselves to help you reach your goals.

Consult our schedule and find out which class suits you best!